13th AOEMM Annual Seminar – Updates On Occupational And Environmental Medicine Research In Malaysia

The 13th AOEMM Annual Seminar was held on 17 August 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya. The theme of the seminar was “Updates On Occupational And Environmental Medicine Research In Malaysia”. The aim of the seminar is to share with the participants the current occupational and environmental health-related research that has been conducted in Malaysia. The seminar was attended by more than 20 occupational health doctors and physician from all over Malaysia.

The seminar kicked-off with the paper on Curbing Heat-related illness: How big the effect of hydration practices? by Dr Rosnah Ismail from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. It was followed with Dr Gan Chee Yuen a researcher from Universiti Sains Malaysia sharing the paper on Profiling of morphine and codeine in urine after the ingestion of curry containing poppy seed as an evidence for opiates defence in Malaysia. The paper initiated and sponsored by a grant from the AOEMM. It was followed with a forum on What is the implication on practice? The forum members consist of Dr Gan Ghee Yuen, Dr Abu Hasan Samad and Dr Mohd Hatta Usul.

After the tea break, Dr Lim Yin Cheng from the Ministry of Health presented his paper on “Night-shift work harmful to us”. This was followed with Dr Shiehafiel Fieqri Hussain from the Universiti Putra Malaysia who shared his paper on “Flight Attendants: The Hidden Pain Behind the smile” The final paper was by Dr Jaseema Begum also from the Ministry of Health, who presented her paper on “Estimation of Occupational exposure to carcinogens: Application of web-based exposure assessment method”.

Just before lunch, Dr Darshan Singh gave a talk on the subject “Daun Ketum”.