Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Program (DFWP)

Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Program (DFWP) is a comprehensive structural programme for Management to take appropriate action to deter, detect and take corrective action regarding substance use affecting the worker and the workplace. The DFWP is voluntary and should make technical assistance available to the workers. The implementation of the DFWP should be the responsibility of the company management and non-discriminatory to all levels of workers.

The objective of the DFWP is to improve workplace safety and health by deterring, detecting and taking corrective action against substance use that affects the workplace. It helps to buffer employers from legal liability while protecting employee’s rights. The DFWP will be able to reduce workers’ compensation and health care costs. It will also reduce the direct and indirect cost due to drug and alcohol-related commuting and workplace accidents, and business reputation lost.

A proper DFWP will need to educate the workforce to become more knowledgeable about substance use, the resources available when help is needed, and how to apply this knowledge to help their families and friends.

The DFWP programme initiatives consists of health risk assessment, substance abuse awareness, general health/wellness program, early identification, drug and alcohol testing, drug and alcohol search, Provide intervention, treatment and rehabilitation, and to assist employees reintegrated to the workplace and communities.

The benefits of DFWP includes reduction of work and non-work related accidents and substance abuse-related problems, e.g., absenteeism, staff turnover, and crimes. It will also improve quality, increase productivity, reduce cost and ensure a safe workplace.

The Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia provides the Medical Review Officer (MRO) and Assistant Medical Review Officer (AMRO) course and certification programmes. The MRO programmes are designed to train medical practitioners to understand and recognised the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. The participants are trained to conduct drug and alcohol testing based on standard protocols. The AMRO programme trains participants the proper methods for collecting samples for drug and alcohol testing.