MRO Virtual Examination : 24 October 2021

MRO Virtual Examination : 24 October 2021


24 Oct 2021    
14:30 - 16:30


Platform, Online

Event Type

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) virtual examination will be held as per the date mentioned. Open to all participants who have completed the Virtual or Physical MRO Course.

  • Participants need to log in at Learning@AOEMM platform to sit for the examination.(
  • The exam paper will be opened on Sunday, 24 October 2021, from 1430pm to 1630pm only (2 hours).
  • The form below will be closed by Thursday, 21 October 2021, at 1600.
  • Please make sure you follow the checklist steps and complete where necessary before the exam date.
  • Please make sure you also received the username and password before the exam date. p/s: Any inquiry regarding the preparation steps will not be entertained during the examination day.

If you are first-timer who will be going to sit for the virtual examination, please refer to the “Registration Guide Learning@AOEMM” pdf guidance for the step-by-step exam preparation.

Download the pdf guidance:
Registration Guide Learning@AOEMM v290921 – MRO

Registration Fee

Please note that, MRO Virtual Course & Exam = RM 1000. If you have paid RM 850 previously or register for repeat examination,  please provide the additional payment below.

  • RM 150 per attempt.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque to the account details below.

Bank transfer details are as follows:

Bank Account No: 295-0000-9155 (Hong Leong Bank Berhad)

Beneficiary Name: Academy of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Malaysia

The cheque must be made in favor of the ‘Academy of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Malaysia’.

Please upload the payment receipt in the registration form below. (Compulsory to those who require to make the payment).


      • Only participants who have registered and paid will be ensured a place in the session.
      • The Joining Instruction (JI) for exam will be emailed one day before the exam date.



There are 2 registration forms below. If you never sit for any virtual exam, please complete both forms. If you already have the username & password, continue for the second form.

Request for Username & Password (Click here)

Please complete the online registration form.

Format: Numbers only without -


Please put your active email address and directly to you. The email will be used to log in for virtual examination. No email sharing, No HR/admin email, please insert your active email address (company email, Gmail, Yahoo, etc is accepted)

One participant = one user = one email.

Registration Form for Exam (Click here)

Please complete the online registration form.

The form is closed now. Thank you.


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