TU35: Occupational Lung Diseases and Spirometry Workshop at AC Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

AOEMM has successfully organised TU35 on 7 March 2020 held at AC Hotel Kuala Lumpur (previously known as Vistana Hotel). Spirometry test is one of the important investigation tools in diagnosing Occupational Lung diseases and also been used as biological effects monitoring for medical surveillance purposes due to exposure to chemical hazardous to health.

A total participation of 45 pax attended the 1-day workshop coming from all over Malaysia including occupational health doctors, general practitioners and allied health professionals. The workshop went smoothly and all the participants do experience valuable input throughout the day.

This time, AOEMM has invited 6 speakers specialising in their topic field as such:

  • Introduction to Occupational Lung Diseases by Assoc. Prof Marzuki Isahak (Occupational Health Physician)
  • Work-relatedness determination for lung disorders by Prof Dr Abu Hasan Samad (Occupational Health Physician)
  • Overview of spirometry in clinical practice by Dr Wong Chee Kuan (Respiratory Physician)
  • Basic Spirometry – Indication & Contraindication and Quality Control based on ATS guidelines by Dr Tan Jiunn Liang (Respiratory Physician
  • Case discussion was conducted by Prof Krishna Gopal Rampal (Occupational Health Physician)
  • Data interpretation session were conducted by both the Respiratory Physicians.

In the afternoon, the participants were divided to two groups. Participants were demonstrated on the techniques of performing spirometry testing and validation of spirometer. This session was supported by a respiratory function test technician and two spirometer companies. Participants were given a chance to perform a hands-on training. The session ended at 5.30pm.