Job opening for Training and Marketing Executive

The Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia is looking for a qualified person to fill the position of the Training and Marketing Executive.

Job Description
  1. Job Title
    Executive, Training and Marketing.
  2. Reporting
    The position reports to the Honorary Secretary, Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Malaysia (AOEMM).
  3. Job Overview
    The position is responsible to plan and organize all training activities carried out by AOEMM that include formal training courses, seminars and conferences and related promotional and marketing activities. Successful completion of these training, promotional and marketing activities is critical in achieving organizational objectives and good financial health of the Academy. The position thus holds an important position in the overall AOEMM structure and operations.
  4. Responsibilities and Duties
    The position’s responsibilities and duties include:
    • Prepare annual schedules for all training activities; courses (MRO, AMRO, BAT), technical updates, seminars and conferences as decided by the AOEMM Council.
    • Promote the training activities through print and digital media and making sure they reach the relevant target groups (OH practitioners, companies and organizations).
    • Organize the necessary arrangements with appropriate organizations such as hotels for the training venue, audio-visual aids, food and beverages, accommodation, etc. where applicable.
    • Liaise with the trainers and speakers on their travel and accommodation arrangement.
    • Liaise with the appropriate organization such as DOSH, MMA, NSR, etc. for the award of CME and CPD points to training participants where applicable.
    • Process participants’ applications to register for training programs including collection and/or reimbursement of course fees where applicable.
    • Process and make payments on all payable fees, honorarium and claims (travel, accommodation, meals) to trainers and speakers.
    • Prepare training materials (course notes, joining instructions, conference/seminar material) for distribution to participants and/or for use by the trainers and speakers.
    • Prepare, send and follow-up invitations to speakers and/or trainers where applicable.
    • Communicate in a timely manner to training participants of their application status, course requirements, examination results and certification whenever applicable.
    • Update examination results and list of successful participants in the AOEMM website, where applicable.
    • Prepare and process course performance surveys and participants’ feedback where applicable.
    • Prepare quarterly reports on training activities undertaken for presentation to the AOEMM Council.
    • Timely update the chief trainer or person-in-charge on the status of the training program, seminar’s or conference’s preparation, performance, challenges and participants’ feedback where applicable.
    • To assist the Executive, Administration and Logistics and the Council Members in their duties as and when/where appropriate.
    • To maintain and enhance relevant working skill by keeping abreast with relevant knowledge and skill, including attending relevant courses approved by the Council.
  5. Qualifications
    The preferred candidate should have the following:
    • Holds a diploma or higher qualification preferably in business administration, mass communication, or any other related discipline.
    • Candidate with working experience will be given priority.
    • Specific skills preferred include computer skills (MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel), good communication and presentation.
  6. Other Attributes
    The holder of the position is also expected to possess the following:
    • Pleasant personality, good interpersonal skill and able to work alone or as part of a team.
    • Physically and mentally fit to carry out the duties listed above. The incumbent needs to travel and carry out out-of-office works several times a month.
  7. Tenure of Position
    The candidate appointed into this position will be placed on probation for the initial six (6) months after recruitment. During this period, the incumbent will be assessed on work performance, discipline and interpersonal relationship with other workers and Council members. Personnel deemed to have satisfied the AOEMM Council will then be put on a permanent position.
  8. Performance Assessment
    The incumbent will be assessed annually (after the probational period) on work performance based on targets agreed between the Council and the incumbent at the beginning of the assessment period. Performance, work discipline and interpersonal skill will be assessed and rated as above, meeting or below agreed expectations by the AOEMM President and Honorary Secretary with inputs from other Council members.
  9. Remuneration
    Starting salary will commensurate with qualification and work experience. Incumbent entitlements include basic monthly salary with employer’s contributions on SOCSO, EPF and Medical Insurance. The annual bonus is payable based on AOEMM Council’s discretion.
    Annual bonuses (including their quantum) may be payable at the sole discretion of the Council based on the Academy overall financial performance.
    The incumbent will also be paid travelling claims as per AOEMM current procedures. Any work done over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or on any published national holidays will be paid RM100.00 per day for eight (8) hour work.
    Personnel on probate will be paid 10-20% lower than the agreed basic salary during the probational period. Annual increment and bonuses shall be determined by the Council based on performance against agreed targets.
  10. Workdays
    The normal workdays will be Monday to Friday, (0900 – 1700 Hrs.). The incumbent is entitled to fourteen (14) days annual leave that excludes weekend and published national holidays.
  11. Job Description (JD) Review and Revision
    The above terms may be reviewed and revised at the discretion of the AOEMM Council as and when deemed necessary. The incumbent will be informed of the changes to provide feedback to the Council.

Approved, on behalf of the AOEMM Council.

Dr Abu Hasan Samad

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