3rd Occupational Health Seminar Northern Region @ Sunway Hotel, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

The 3rd Occupational Health Seminar Northern Region was held at the Sunway Hotel, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang on the 21st and 22nd July 2018. The event was jointly organised by the Penang Medical Practitioners Society, Koperasi Doktor Pulau Pinang Bhd and the Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia (AOEMM). The seminar theme for the first day was “Focus on Role of the Occupational Health Doctor”, whilst the theme for the second day was “Update on Occupational Lung Disease”.

Dr Abu Hasan Samad, Prof Victor Hoe and Dr Anza ELias, Council Member of the AOEMM was part of the Faculty member for the two-day event. Dr Abu delivered the Welcome address on the First and Second day. Dr Abu together with Dr Afra Anaziha from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health’s Penang Office and Dr Edrin Nazri Abdul Rasib from the Social Security Organization was the panel for the discussion on “Fit to Work (FTW) from all aspects and angles”. Dr Abu also delivered his lecture on “Occupational lung disease as general, overview, prevalence, reporting and prevention”.

Dr Anza also from the Sunway Medical Centre presented her papers on “Pre-employment medical examination – What the occupational health doctor should know for sure”, “The current issue and challenge in conducting health/medical surveillance in Malaysia. Demand and Experience” and “The role of occupational health doctor in performing health surveillance for SME in Malaysia”.

Prof Victor also from the University of Malaya presented his paper on “Role of Occupational Health Doctor in Promoting Healthy Workplace for Occupational Lung Disease”. Prof Victor along with Dr Hooi Lai Ngoh participated in the case discussion for the second-day event. There was more than 130 occupational health doctor (OHD) from around Malaysia that attended the seminar. There were intense discussions on the role of OHD in the diagnosis and notification of occupational diseases, particularly occupational lung disease.