Application for AOEMM Membership

Membership shall be open to all registered medical practitioners who are trained or have interest in the speciality of occupational and/or environmental medicine/health.

All applications for admission to ordinary and associate membership shall meet the following requirements:

a) The applicant is a registered medical practitioner.
b) Application is made on a prescribed application form, proposed and seconded by two members in benefit of the Academy, and;
c) All applications for admission to membership shall be recommended by the Board of Censors.
d) The applicant is to give the following undertaking, if elected;

  1. Uphold and promote, to the best of his/her ability, the aims and objectives of the Academy.
  2. Observe the provisions of the Constitution of the Academy and such Regulations and By-laws of the Academy or its Chapters or Sections as may be from time to time be in force, and
  3. Undertake and continue approved post-graduate study while remaining in active practice.

e) Applicant shall enclose the enrolment fee with the application.
f) The application shall meet with the approval of the Council

Application and Registration Fees

Application and Registration Fees for Annual Membership:

  • Being payment for the entrance fee (RM200.00)
  • First year Annual Subscription fee (RM100.00)
Application and Registration Fees for Life membership:

  • 50 year old and above RM1,200.00
  • 49 year old and below RM2,200.00
Bank Account No: 8604906572 (CIMB)
Beneficiary Name: Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Malaysia
The cheque must be made in favor of the ‘Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Malaysia’.

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